The Hillsboro Club


The Family Heritage of the Hillsboro Club


The Hillsboro Club was established in 1925. Originally, the property served as the winter campus of the Lake Placid School, a private school for boys located in the Adirondacks. The headmaster of the school, Herbert L. Malcolm, purchased the 15 acres of choice land, located on a peninsula just north of the Hillsboro Inlet. With its wide ocean beach, it was an ideal spot for the school’s winter term. At that time there were no roads or bridges leading to the school, so visiting parents stayed in campus accommodations. The families valued the privacy of the remote location and formed close friendships during their visits. When the Lake Placid School abandoned its practice of conducting its winter semester in Florida, Malcolm decided to use the property as an exclusive winter resort, establishing a nonprofit corporation, which he named “Hillsboro Club.” Malcolm’s fondness for children and his insistence that they always had a place at the resort established an atmosphere of welcome to families, which continues today.