The Hillsboro Club

Water Activities

The beach is the perfect place to be active and enjoy the company of friends and family. With a wide array of beach equipment, there is something fun for everyone in the family.

Take your family out for a sail on our Hobie Cat sailboats. Enjoy a relaxing time kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, or do a little exploring snorkeling the reef at the south end of the beach. Other activities include, surfing, boogie boarding, beach volleyball and water aerobics in the pool.

Waves Surf AcademyWant to learn how to surf? There are opportunities for everyone in the family to learn! Waves Surf Academy is a local company that is here to keep you active on the beach and in the pool. For half the day children and teens will be learning about the ocean, learning to surf and playing beach games! While you are here, be sure to check our bulletin board for Waves Surf Academy sign-up sheets.

Water Sports